Terms & Conditions.


The relations between the representative of Hobbymodels.lv - the company SIA "Hobby Models" and the buyer are governed by the general conditions drawn up by SIA "Hobby Models" and the legal acts established by the Republic of Latvia.


Conditions compiled by SIA "Hobby Models":


1. The order is made between the person making the purchase in the Hobbymodels.lv internet store (hereinafter the Buyer) and the representative of Hobbymodels.lv by the company SIAHobby Models (hereinafter the Seller). Placing an order on the website www.hobbymodels.lv is equivalent to concluding a Purchase and Sale Agreement.


1.1 Ordering.


The buyer places an order electronically by adding the product to the virtual shopping cart. The order is placed from the moment when the Buyer chooses the "Go to payment" function. The Seller sends the Buyer an invoice for the order by e-mail and displays it on the screen. The account displayed on the screen is automatically saved on the Hobbymodels.lv server. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of his order. If the client does not pick up his order within two working days, the order will be automatically canceled.


1.2 Entry into force of the order.


The order comes into effect from the moment when the corresponding amount for the purchase in the online store www.hobbymodels.lv is credited to the SIA "Hobby Models" account.


2. Price.


The prices of goods on the www.hobbymodels.lv page are given in EURO. All prices include VAT 21%. The buyer pays for the goods in accordance with the invoice issued by SIA "Hobby Models". The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and the invoice if the Buyer has not paid the invoice by the specified payment date. The buyer pays for the goods to the current account in the bank indicated by SIA "Hobby Models".


3. Delivery time.


Delivery time for goods in stock is 1-2 business days. The corresponding mark of availability is located next to the product (Available!). The delivery time begins to count from the moment the contract comes into force (clause 1.2). Delivery time for goods under the order - up to 30 days. The seller is not liable if the supplier of the goods never again manufactures or delivers the goods. In this case, the Buyer is not obliged to pay for the goods. He issues a zero invoice for goods made to order (0.00 eur), which does not oblige the Buyer to anything.


If the transfer for the ordered goods is received before 15.30, then the goods will be delivered on the next working day. If the order is made on Saturday or Sunday, we will deliver the goods to the courier on Monday, and he will arrive at the client on Tuesday.


A courier service representative will call you and inform you about the delivery time. If the Client does not answer the phone call, and he is not at home, the parcel will be delivered to the warehouse.


The goods are transferred to the Buyer together with an invoice (one copy) and an invoice, on which the Buyer is obliged to sign. Before signing, we recommend checking the packaging and quantity of the goods. If the packaging or product is damaged during transportation, it is sent back and replaced with a new, undamaged product in its entire package. Later claims regarding packaging and quantity of goods will not be accepted.


4. Return of goods and cancellation of the order.


The Buyer has the right to exchange the received product for another equivalent product, if the product does not fit, return it within 14 days. The Buyer returns the goods by informing the Seller in advance by filling out the return form. The message should include the account number, Buyer's name, current account number and the reason for returning the goods. The packaging of the returned product and the product itself must be intact. Goods in damaged packaging and damaged goods cannot be returned.


If the returned goods are damaged and the reason for this does not depend on SIA "Hobby Models", as well as if the product was used for other purposes, SIA "Hobby Models" has the right to deduct compensation for the damage caused to the goods. If the Buyer does not agree with the amount of compensation, he has the right to demand that the degree of decrease in the value of the goods be determined by an independent expert. The costs of the independent expert are paid by the party whose point of view is found to be unfounded.


If the goods are returned in part and the transport costs have not been paid in advance, then the transport fee is deducted from the returned goods in accordance with the price list.


5. Warranty and return of goods.


The seller is responsible for the compliance of the goods with his requirements, the terms of the contract, within two years after the transfer of the goods to the buyer. During the sale, it is assumed that the non-compliance with the terms of the contract that appeared within six months after the transfer of the goods to the buyer, was already at the transfer of the goods, unless such an assumption contradicts the essence of the goods. Warranty terms and conditions are included with every product covered by a warranty.


The manufacturer is not responsible for: a.) For the product damaged by the Buyer. b.) For damage / deficiencies caused by improper use of the product. c.) For damage / deficiencies caused as a result of failure to comply with the product maintenance specified in the operating manual Any non-conformity of the product with the requirements should be reported by e-mail info@hobbymodels.lv or by phone 26860668.


If the product does not comply with the requirements, the Buyer has the right to replace the product with the corresponding product requirements without defects, or to refuse the order and return the product. The amount paid for the returned goods is returned to the Buyer to his bank account within 7-14 days from the date of receipt of the goods back. If a non-compliance of the product with the requirements is found, the Buyer is obliged to immediately report this within 2 months. If the Buyer has used the product even after discovering the defect, the Buyer's claims will not be satisfied.


Please be informed that if a customer buys a product in the "Hobby Models" store (at a permanent registered trade place in Riga, Lāčplēša ielā 42), then he / she cannot exercise the right to refuse the goods because when buying a product in a store, the client has the right and the opportunity to familiarize himself with the product before making a purchase. A purchase made at a Hobby Models store is not a distance contract, but a purchase made at a permanent retail store.


The online store www.hobbymodels.lv reserves the right to refuse the buyer to use the right to refuse the goods or delay compensation in cases where the packaging of the goods is damaged, traces of negligence are visible, for example, scratches and similar defects.


6. Confidentiality and Other Terms.


The Seller has no right to distribute the Buyer's data. The Seller does not disclose the Buyer's data to other persons, and the Buyer has the right to demand that his data be deleted from the Seller's database.


7. Other conditions:


All promotions are valid while the goods are in stock!


Hobbymodels.lv conditions apply to all customers equally. In addition to the general conditions drawn up by SIA "Hobby Models", both parties, both the Buyer and the Seller, are protected by the laws of the Republic of Latvia. The interests of the Buyer are protected by the Consumer Rights Protection Center.


SIA "Hobby Models" solves any misunderstandings with its clients peacefully - through negotiations. If the parties still do not find a suitable solution, then both parties have the right to contact the Consumer Rights Protection Center.