BMP-2D Afghan War Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Brand: ACE
Product Code: ACE72125
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Scale 1:72
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Model length: -- mm.

Number of parts: -- pieces.

The set includes:
  • frames with details;
  • photo-etched parts;
  • one-piece rubber tracks;
  • decal;
  • scheme for painting;
  • detailed instructions.

Glue and paint are not included.

BMP-2D. The chassis of the BMP-2 is almost identical to that of the earlier BMP-1, but has increased armour protection. The driver sits at the front of the vehicle on the left side . On the BMP-1 the commander sits to the rear of the driver, but on the BMP-2 is moved to the turret so this position is occupied by an infantryman. The BMP-2 has a new two-man all-welded steel turret with a 30 mm cannon Model 2A42 with an elevation of +74°. BMP-2D Fitted with additional spaced type steel appliqué armour on the hull sides, and 6 mm thick appliqué armour on the turret. Due to the added weight, the vehicle is no longer amphibious.